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How do I choose a checking account?


Because it's the account you'll conduct most of your day-to-day transactions through, finding the right checking account is essential. When you're shopping for a checking account, here are some features you may want to look for:

  • Low fees
  • A strong customer service reputation
  • Up-to-date online and mobile banking options
  • A competitive interest rate (if you prefer an account that offers interest)

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to checking accounts. You may want free checking for a low balance and cutting-edge mobile banking options, while your neighbor may prioritize having better interest rates. This is why shopping around is critical.

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Minimum to earn APY $1500


Rates as of 7/23/2014
FDIC Insured

Advertiser Comments

  • Convenience of a Checking Account with the Earnings of a Savings Account
  • Low Minimum Opening Deposit of $100
  • Free Online Banking and a National Network of 22,000 ATM's


Minimum to earn APY $100


Rates as of 7/23/2014
FDIC Insured

Advertiser Comments

  • Flexible Online Checking. ATM Rebates. Online Bill Paying.
  • Free Checking & Low Service Fees.
  • Hassle Free Checking.


Minimum to earn APY $25000


Rates as of 7/23/2014
FDIC Insured

Advertiser Comments

  • 1.40% Bonus Rate for the first 6 months up to $100k (2)
  • .93% First-year APY on balances $25k-$49.9k (2)
  • Mobile Check Deposits (6)

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