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Zions Bank was founded by Brigham Young in 1873 as Utah's first chartered savings bank and trust. Nowadays, you certainly don't have to be Mormon to open a savings account online or in any of Zions Bank's branches in ten Western states.

Zions Bank, a subsidiary of Zions First National Bank, has over 500 branch offices and 600 ATMs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. As a full-service bank, Zions offers commercial, installment and mortgage loans; trust services; foreign banking services; electronic and online banking services; automatic deposit and nationwide banking and transfer services; as well as the more familiar checking and savings programs.  Initially established by Brigham Young, (founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), the bank was owned and then sold by the Latter Day Saints church in 1960 as the church was divesting itself of its banking interests.

As of 2010, Zions Bank, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, has assets of more than $17 billion and is a popular choice for banking.

Customer reviews, ratings and awards for Zions Bank

The Better Business Bureau gives Zions Bank an A rating, and the bank also won the 2009 Model Bank Award in the category of online account opening services from Celent, a research and consulting firm.

Customer reviews of Zions Bank compliment the company's customer service and support for account holders online and in person. Customers can reach live bank representatives six days a week and have 24-hour access to their account online and by phone.

Financial products offered by Zions Bank

Zions Bank provides a wide range of financial products for their customers, including credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). Internet-only customers can open a money market account, a savings account or a CD. Zions Bank offers several choices for a money market account.

For those interested in opening a savings account, Zions Bank has several to choose from. For customers with short-term or long-term savings goals, a CD might be the better choice, since interest rates are guaranteed for the term of the CD.

Customers who choose to open more than one account with the bank can often earn a slightly higher interest rate than those who have just one account with Zions Bank.

Financial services provided by Zions Bank

Customers of Zions Bank can take advantage of the full range of services offered at bank branches, including home loans, home equity lines of credit, automobile loans, RV loans and small business loans. There's also a variety of investment options along with trust administration and wealth management services.

All account holders, whether Internet-only or walk-in customers of Zions Bank, can take advantage of free mobile banking services, online bill paying and online banking that allows them to transfer funds and check balances. The bank website includes educational resources to help consumers make good financial choices.

Deposit insurance coverage

As of July 2010, all deposit accounts with Zions Bank are fully FDIC-insured to the maximum allowed amount of $250,000 per depositor. Individual savings exceeding those limits can still be covered by adding additional depositors--for example, by placing additional funds under a joint account.

The full array of services and products offered by Zions Bank should be appealing to customers looking for a lot of choices and flexibility in their bank accounts.

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