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Wachovia Bank review

Wacho what?

Wachovia (it's pronounced "wa-KO-vee-yah") derives from the name of an area of land in North Carolina called Wachau. The roughly 100,000 acres was originally bought in 1753 by settlers from what today is a part of the Czech Republic. In German, "wach" means stream and "au" meadowland.

About Wachovia Bank

Even before its acquisition, Wachovia was an enormous financial institution with a history stretching back into the 19th century. So it is no surprise that it has a complete range of banking products. Different offers apply to different parts of the country, so visitors to the bank's website must enter their zip codes in order to access detailed information.

For many customers, Way2Save could well be the bank's best savings account, offering attractive introductory rates at the time of writing (2010). There is also a selection of CD products along with a money market account.

The bank says that its Free Checking account is its most popular checking product. It also offers a special Student Checking account along with the premium service Crown Banking account.

Wachovia has extensive online services, including online banking with BillPay, mobile banking, and an online brokerage.

FDIC covers both banks

Wachovia Bank was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank in early 2009. However, because the organizations remain technically separate, customers who have eligible deposit accounts with both banks should find that any FDIC coverage applies up to the maximum applicable limit on each. In other words, there's no loss of protection for those who have accounts with both Wachovia and Wells Fargo. The banks promise to give customers plenty of notice before this situation changes. In the meantime, customers of the two financial institutions share free access to a combined network of 12,000 ATMs.

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