Amboy Direct Rates & Review

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Amboy Direct Review

Amboy Direct is the Internet banking division of Amboy Bank, named Best Bank in Central New Jersey more than 10 years in a row.

Amboy Direct is the direct banking division of Amboy Bank, an independently owned bank headquartered in the Township of Old Bridge, New Jersey. The full-service commercial bank was founded in 1888. Amboy Direct was established in 1995 and become a web-based bank in 2003, allowing customers outside of the New Jersey area to take advantage of its high-interest savings accounts.

Amboy Direct emphasizes the fact that it is an independent community bank focused on customer service. It receives positive reviews from local New Jersey customers. For more than ten years in a row, the Home News Tribune has named this bank the Best Bank in Central New Jersey.

Over the years Amboy Bank has grown into a multi-billion dollar institution with branches all across Central New Jersey. Nevertheless, the bank is committed to remaining an independent business. Amboy Direct allows people throughout the nation to enjoy the personalized service of a community bank.

Featured products of Amboy Direct include various checking account, savings account and money market account options. Amboy Direct offers both personal and business savings accounts with competitive returns. Customers can earn even higher interest rates by exceeding minimum savings requirements and/or locking in good rates using the bank's eSavings CD options.

An additional feature of this bank is that it provides an easy method of transferring funds between Amboy Direct and other non-Amboy checking accounts. Amboy Direct offers FDIC coverage of $250,000 per depositor in each account ownership category.

  • Account Type
  • APY
  • Adverstiser Comments
  • Savings
  • 0.65%
    Min to Earn APY: $3,000
  • eSavings - Apply online or by mail, offer not available at branches.
  • Money Market
  • 0.65%
    Min to Earn APY: $30,000
  • Money Market Maximizer - New NJ customers only.
  • CD Rates
  • Anytime Access CD - Simple Interest $10,000 Minimum Opening Balance.
  • Term
  • APY
  • Min. To Earn APY
  • Compounding Method
    • 1 year
    • 1.15%
    • $0
    • Compounding Daily
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