About SavingsAccounts

We Help You Make Informed Banking Decisions

For 10 years, SavingsAccounts.com has been helping people quickly and easily discover which savings accounts are best as stable and secure places to invest their money. We enable you to make informed banking decisions by giving you in-depth bank information and daily rate updates.

While the real estate market has proven tumultuous, and the stock market has seen periods of astounding volatility, high yield savings accounts and other deposit accounts (such as certificates of deposits and money market accounts) have maintained their value. Savings accounts continue to provide a solid return to those looking to preserve and grow their assets.

Whether you are seeking to protect your funds for retirement in a safe investment, or are just starting to build your financial assets, SavingsAccounts.com will help you find the safest accounts and highest interest rates. We track hundreds of rates from national and local banks and other financial institutions, and share that information with you in easy-to-read rate tables for free. Rates are updated daily, and we pride ourselves on having the most accurate bank rate information on the web.

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